Scales of Resources
Scales of Resources
Resource Diagram
Material Diagram
Furniture Diagram
Construction Process
Population Timeline
Site Locations
Design Process
Design Process

​Academic | Fall 2016 | Christina Ciardullo

The SPACE studio at Carnegie Mellon integrated design and engineering to place a hypothetical settlement on Mars. Where engineers solve problems, "Space Architects" must figure out which questions to ask.


Barchania_Alpha is the first settlement of its kind. In this theoretical timeline, different settlements focus on obtaining certain materials due to Mars' concentrated, but widely-spread resources. Barchania is designed to harvest and produce massive amounts of ion power for other stations.

The main design point involves collection of Martian sand over time to create large dunes serving as mass shields against harmful solar radiation. Other technologies include inflatables, recycled water, and sulfurous concrete blocks.

We also entered competitions and visited NASA to give presentations on our work.

I have also created the most entertaining trailer video for the studio as well.