Exterior View
Entry Sequence
Interactive Display Area
Floor Plans
Plan 2.jpg
Exploded Axon
Sectional Model
Model Detail
Model Detail
Sectional Model
Model Detail
Model Detail
Interior Sketch
Scale Diagram
Sun Diagram
Hayes Hall

‚ÄčAcademic | Fall 2014 | Hal Hayes


Steiner Studios' new emerging media campus attempts to bring New York back into the production limelight. The key goal is the cross-pollination of ideas between producers, professionals, students, and the community.


The installation of “attractors” such as food or unique resources enables collaboration; the placement of the attractors promotes cross-pollination. These are arranged within the city, site, building, and human scales. The form is derived from the maximization of direct sunlight; optimizing solar gain and energy production of the exterior solar panel facade.