​Academic | Fall 2015 | Rami el Samahy

          — with Horace Hou, Sabrina Estudillo,

                      and Liz Madigan


Team Intersect was founded around a singular idea of reconnecting human users to their built environment. The looming threat of monoliths, inhumanity, and oppressive architecture should be addressed at a theoretical and physical level from an intrinsically-intertwined economic and design standpoint. With careful design and consideration, we hope our combined efforts adds to the future in advancement of human-oriented urban design.


However, the project reflects more than simply the necessity of approachble urban design scales; it speaks to the reality of the situation in which we need to undo previous failures and build upon its framework.Urban design concerns not only new development, but the need and ability to adapt the old with the new. Ultimately, the future of Allegheny Center begins here.

© Kwanpo Cheng

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